Author: Judy Folger

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Author Bio

Judy was born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas. With the end of a sixteen year same sex relationship, Judy has devoted her time to her love of writing. In the past four years of the single life, and retirement, Judy has been busy writing lesbian romance novellas. To date she has published sixteen on Amazon, with another fourteen waiting to be edited and published. As usual, she is busy writing yet another book. Judy’s books are lesbian romance but most include important social issues, such as, lesbian domestic violence, family incest, forgiveness, ghostly happenings, online dating, older women finding lesbian love, homophobia, childhood abuse, a young girl’s acceptance of having two moms, a female war vet with lasting physical and mental issues. Judy prefers to write with characters in their mid-thirties, with the oldest being sixty-nine and seventy years of age.

Judy Folger


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