Author: Vasily Pugh

From: Bhutan Bhutan

Author Bio

A shepherd who has finally broken the hoodoo and completed his first book, Vasily Pugh is an eager writer heavily influenced by his environment and a life of literature and cinema. His goal - third person babble notwithstanding - is to inject something fresh and new into a variety of genre fare. He writes (he thinks) with a dry wit and an interest in characters that do not often get a voice in literature. Humble heroes and heroines, believable villains and realistic situations given a stylised twist all came to the fore with his first book 'Basically Frightened', described as "a refreshing twist on the post-apocalyptic book". He's currently working on a new book and, perhaps, a follow up to 'Basically Frightened' which he promises will not be just called 'Basically Frightened II' or something equally uninspiring.