Author: JF Holland

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

I've always loved the underdog, the fighter. But let's face it, we all want to believe in a happily ever after. As a huge fan of books (book nerd is the endearing term, my children use). I have an immense romance collection - which also includes paranormal romance. If I'm not writing, I've got my head stuck in a good book.  You can't beat reading, watching the plot and characters come to life in your imagination. It's so much better than television. When I was younger, I tended to re-write books and fairy-tales where I wasn't completely happy with the ending. It confused the hell out of my children once they learned to read - none of the books matched the stories I'd read them growing up. I had a varied career; including Admin, Customer Service, and Teaching unemployed adults IT and customer service skills. That is until I became ill a few years ago. I'm now at home full time, classed as disabled (neuro fog can make life, and writing fun sometimes).