Author: JF Garrard

From: Canada Canada

Author Bio

JF Garrard is the President of Dark Helix Press, an Indie publisher of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Raw Non-Fiction. She also serves as a Marketing Consultant on the Editorial Board for Ricepaper Magazine, a Vancouver-based Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literature, culture, and the arts since 1994. She is an editor and writer of speculative fiction (The Undead Sorceress, Trump Utopia or Dystopia Anthology, Ricepaper Issue 19.3), non-fiction (The Literary Elephant), as well as children’s books (Feeding The Kraken!, 3x Bilingual Series). She has been a speaker at various conferences on the topics of Asian culture, publishing, marketing, crowd funding, geek topics (science fiction, anime) and healthcare. Her background is in Nuclear Medicine and she has a MBA in Marketing and Strategy.


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