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Buan Boonanca always had the craving to see the world outside of the bubble of the Orange County, CA ghetto where he was raised. Drawn to the spirituality of the Native peoples of America, he moved to Northern Arizona to live among the tribes which inhabit the area. Before long, the hedonistic sands of Las Vegas seduced him and lured him away from his peaceful life. The years of materialistic excess in Vegas left Buan broken and bankrupt. He found his way to a Buddhist sanctuary where he began his recovery. Temptation called again and drew him away from his new-found serenity. This time it was the call of adventure. He then spent the next decade on an extensive exploration of Europe and eventually fell in with a band of Taoists. Through much study and meditation, Buan discovered he only exists in the imagination of a contract manager for a small software company located somewhere in The Netherlands. He currently still resides in the mind of another and enjoys his fabricated life.



Strange tattooed symbols keep appearing on Cam’s skin, vandalizing his appearance. Follow his transformative journey which will take him much further than he’s prepared to go.

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