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Hey there. I am M. D. Archer, the author of The Lucan Trilogy. All three are out now and you can buy them individually, or just jump right in and buy Th eLucan Trilogy: The Complete Set! The Lucan Trilogy is a YA/new adult urban fantasy series that follows Tamzin Walker as she discovers an incredible family secret that changes her life forever.Action and suspense with a kickass heroine and a supernatural twist, The Lucan Trilogy will take you on a journey and keep you on your toes!
Other titles I also have a second series called Squirrel & Swan, about two best friends who graduate with doctorates in psychology and decide to open a detective agency. Book one, Precious Things, is available now and you can get it here:
When I'm not writing, I work as a psychology researcher, spend time with friends and family, and watch too much TV. : )

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