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Ingrid Sawubona was born in South Africa, and is currently living in the United States with her family. She lives to travel, write and draw; and has a weak spot for sushi, samosas, biltong and sosaties.

Ingrid Sawubona


A Big-Bear Birthday, Please!

What would you do if you found a big, furry, friendly, one-of-a-kind bear in the park? You’d take him with you, of course! But how do you tell your parents that this very special bear wants to come and live with you ... FOREVER? You come up with a brillian

Have You Heard, Little Bird?

Of all the birds in our world today, which one is your favorite? Is it a blue one … or a white one … or a light-as-a-kite one? And can you find it in the jungle … or the wide, open sky … or does the best one live nearby? This sweet and snuggly bedtime stor

Hershel's Big Move: A story about making your life better, no matter what happens on the way.

Hershel has decided to leave the muggy, dark swamp for good ... and he’s come up with a plan! He’ll pack up his belongings, plug all the holes of his float, and set sail for his little place in the sun—wherever that might be! The journey is long and the ro

Un Señor Oso Para Mi Cumpleaños (Spanish Edition)

¿Qué harías si encontraras un oso grande, peludo, amigable y único en el parque? Lo llevarías a casa contigo, ¡por supuesto! Pero, ¿cómo le dirías a tus padres que este mismo oso quiere venir y vivir contigo? ... ¡para siempre! ¿Se te ocurre una brillante

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