Author: RC & JP Carter

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

RC & JP Carter have been married for over forty years. They have five daughters, one son and thirteen grandchildren. Their first three novels, The O’Rourke Series, are mysteries. These books have both strong male and female characters. In this series of books old school detectives solve hi-tech crime. The O’Rourke team are diligent, loyal, fearless, honest and hard-working people. They are the stuff America is made of. Book four of the O’Rourke Series is currently on the drawing board. In the works is a children’s book that teaches the value of friendship. Also they have started a paranormal book about many of their cases. They are researching the Phoenician Era during the time Jezebel was born which will eventually become a book. At some point they do plan to write a book about their family adventures because frankly…. truth is really stranger than fiction.

RC & JP Carter

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