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​ ​ Mason’s first attempts at writing were song lyrics he penned while playing bass guitar in a rock band during his teens. In the fifty years since its beginning his passion for writing has evolved from a story told with two hundred words, in the course of a three-minute musical composition to ninety-thousand-word novels. ​ Born in Dallas, Texas as part of the baby boom following World War II, Mason came of age during the Vietnam War era. As a young man, he traveled throughout the USA, as well as Central America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Along the way he worked as a carpenter, a cheese shop owner, and a motorcycle parts salesman, to make ends meet. Today, Mason lives in the Central Texas Hill Country with his wife of twenty-one years, a parrot and two (at last count) rescue cats. When he’s not writing, he enjoys hiking, motorcycling and recording music.

Mason Malone

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