Author: Dimpra Kaleem

From: New Zealand New Zealand

Author Bio

Dimpra Kaleem lives behind a keyboard somewhere in New Zealand. She is the sum of many parts, just as all of us have personalities that are a culmination of the varying influences that have shaped our lives and fantasies. It was once suggested that Shakespeare was a collection of people, rather than a single entity - I like this idea, this notion that collective egos can be put aside in order to produce something that can spark the imagination and create a world in which to escape such troubles that form part of our daily lives - If only for a few hours. All of the works here are offered for free. This is an attempt to introduce myself to you all as a storyteller rather than an author, and since 2010 I have attempted to hone and refine the writing skills needed to make the leap from independent amateur to credible professional. This process has amassed a collective fanbase that has resulted in over 200,000 downloads.

Dimpra Kaleem


Chasing Shadows

This is the last work of Ernest Wilkins, one of the late 19th Century's most popular romantic novelists and serves as a testament to the strange happenings that surrounded this, the final chapter in his life.

More Eggs,: Different Basket

Following on from the success of 'All My Eggs in One Basket', Dimpra Kaleem now brings you twelve more stories of love, laughter, sorrow and sadness.

Seductive Reasoning: A Novella

Epiphany Blaze is a middle-aged woman with a troubled past, for having reached the end of her working career she needs to relieve herself of the heavy burden that has plagued her for over thirty years.

Yesterday's Dreams

Dimpra Kaleem presents a new short story filled with light-hearted humour, fantasy and romance - and a rare chance to relive Yesterday's Dreams.