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The Flyleaf Killer

Revenge is sweet - or is it? A lonely teenager's terrifying dalliance with the supernatural

The Flyleaf Killer

by William A. Prater

Revenge is sweet - or is it? A lonely teenager's terrifying dalliance with the supernatural

A book lover and avid reader, Robert Strudwick came across a bookshop that shouldn’t exist. Although he hesitated before entering, he did so anyway and became enthralled by an unusual volume, which he set about acquiring with little thought of danger or possible consequences. 

What followed included sweet revenge on a number of enemies and the beginnings of a life of unimaginable power, wealth, and success but involved shocking criminality, which inevitably put him at odds with the law and in dreadful danger should he flout any of the rules by which he undertook to be governed. 

Taut, graphic and compelling, a disturbed schoolboy’s terrifying dalliance with the supernatural.

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Genres: Action, Detective, Revenge, Suspense, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Horror Novels

Pages: 278

ASIN: 1524663913

Sales Rank: ?

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