Edgar Cayce On Past Lives

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by D. M. Hoover

Edgar Cayce On Past Lives

This book is a study on some of various life readings given by the "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce. The life readings I've covered in the book described the various past lifetimes of the individuals for whom he had read. Often times these readings described the connections with their present life partners, family and friends with the past. Also how these past life experiences are sometimes reflected in their current life and in their current behavior.
I have included only cases of people who were told they were more some of the well known individuals in history. In a handful of these readings, eighteen people were told that their reincarnation cycle need not be continued unless they chose to do so. Many of Mr. Cayce's life readings included astrological information for the persons involved and I have included natal charts and analysis for them however the book contains a treasure trove of information for the non-astrologer as well, and may be worth consideration for any Edgar Cayce fans.

These past lives consisted of an eclectic group from the Founding Fathers, Biblical figures and even a notorious pirate whose name will be immediately recognized. One of the historical figures is still very controversial today for his actions and the subsequent impact on generations of people.

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