The 3 Moirae and the Fated Life

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by D. M. Hoover

The 3 Moirae and the Fated Life

A study of how the fated Moirae work in our natal charts and in transits. Are we born to a destiny and a certain fate? This study asks the question by looking at the deaths of various people and attempts through visual chart illustration that it appears the answer is resounding yes.
Plato wrote of the Moirae in his massive epic the Republic. Hermes mentioned the Moirae and fate as well as our destinies as souls. Now we track through these 3 asteroids named for the goddesses the positions at death of the famous and infamous.
While I maintain a belief that we do have free will in our interactions on the earth, surely we are fated to experience certain events. Are we also fated to die in a certain way at a certain time or time frame? This book attempts to answer some of the questions.

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