The Avid Angler: The Hot Dog Detective (A Denver Detective Cozy Mystery)

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by Mathiya Adams

The Avid Angler: The Hot Dog Detective (A Denver Detective Cozy Mystery)

Detective MacFarland -- "Mac" to his friends -- was kicked off the Denver police force for a variety of reasons, most of which came out of the mistrial of the man who murdered his wife. After a couple of years on the streets, MacFarland is getting back on his feet by operating a small hot dog cart. He doesn’t make much money, gives a lot of his product to his former homeless friends, and studies language CDs in his spare time. He's put his detective days behind him, and he's happy that way.

But then MarFarland is approached by a high-priced lawyer to help prove a woman innocent. A fishing buff has been found murdered and the wife is the prime suspect. With the evidence stacked against her, and someone destroying evidence, can MacFarland find the real killer and free the innocent woman?

This is a cozy mystery with amateur sleuth. This is a 70,000 words novel.

About Mathiya Adams:

Hello from Denver, Colorado! I am the author of The Hot Dog Detective series. As a consultant and corporate trainer, I've traveled and lived in California, Texas, New Jersey, India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Scotland, and too many other places to name. After having circled the globe numerous times, I've settled down in the Denver. Just as Denver is the gateway to the Rockies, I intend that The Hot Dog Detective stories will take place all over the Front Range and throughout Colorado.

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