Edgar Cayce: Dreams and the Inner Self

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by D. M. Hoover

Edgar Cayce: Dreams and the Inner Self

For those who may not be aware of Edgar Cayce, he was the 20th century’s foremost mystic and psychic, who became widely known as the Sleeping Prophet. Over the course of his lifetime he gave upwards of 14,000 individual readings covering a broad range of topics including health, medicine, past lives, investment advice and dream interpretation.
The focus of this book is on the latter and in it the author examines a large cross-section of dreams brought to Mr. Cayce for his counsel and interpretation. Although at the time the Cayce readings were given they were not intended to be used as a tool for teaching dream analysis, the author’s examination of each may lead to clues as to how Mr. Cayce came to determination. We will consider how Mr. Cayce viewed and used the symbolism, emblems and puns in these dreams to arrive at his conclusions.
Drawing upon the rich variety of dreams presented to Mr. Cayce we‘ll see the deeper subconscious meanings he found within them, and from that we may come to a better understanding of our own dreams and their relationship to the higher self. Additionally the reader is offered several personal interpretations from the author’s dream diary and a brief look at some historically relevant dreams from which may get further direction.
This book is not intended to be a one size fits all dream dictionary, as this would not meet with Mr. Cayce’s approval, or the author’s. Rather the intent of this book to be more of a self-help primer on dream interpretation and hopefully act as a foundation for those interested in gaining a better overall grasp of this mysterious realm where we spend nearly one third of our lifetime.
The author has studied the Cayce readings for well over 40 years and is dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of the truth and the underlying messages contained within them.

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