The Ghostly Guardian

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by Laurie Cook

The Ghostly Guardian

Sophia Alexandria Mason, known as “Sam” to her friends, was enjoying life. Her bookkeeping business was doing very well; she had just purchased the house of her dreams and things were starting to heat up with her boyfriend, Jason. She also had a new dog. Unfortunately, there were also a few problems starting to pop up to blight her happiness. There was an obnoxious potential client; her problem brother’s unexpected return which brought his troubles to her door and the new house seemed to have come with a little "something extra" that hadn't been listed in the sales details. When events escalate, Sam discovers even more surprises.

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Genres: Detective, Ghost Stories, Mystery, Paranormal, Women's Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Mystery Novels

Pages: 221


Sales Rank: 742599

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