The Desperate Druggie: The Hot Dog Detective (A Denver Detective Cozy Mystery)

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by Mathiya Adams

The Desperate Druggie: The Hot Dog Detective (A Denver Detective Cozy Mystery)

MacFarland is off to Mexico!

MacFarland is old school when it comes to legalized marijuana. But when it comes to the daughter of the owner of legalized pot stores getting kidnapped, he is ready to run off to Mexico to rescue her. Unfortunately, rescuing the young woman does not prove to be easy. First, someone has followed him to Mexico and is trying to kill him. Second, he has to confront one of the most powerful cartel leaders in Mexico. And third, he has to deal with Calida Delgado, a beautiful and fiercely independent woman he once had an affair with.

Will MacFarland be able to rescue the pot dealer’s daughter or will he fall victim to one or more of the three obstacles he encounters in sunny Mexico?

About Mathiya Adams:

Hello from Denver, Colorado! I am the author of The Hot Dog Detective series. As a consultant and corporate trainer, I've traveled and lived in California, Texas, New Jersey, India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Scotland, and too many other places to name. After having circled the globe numerous times, I've settled down in the Denver. Just as Denver is the gateway to the Rockies, I intend that The Hot Dog Detective stories will take place all over the Front Range and throughout Colorado.

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