Three Weeks in Tombstone

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by D.M. Hoover

Three Weeks in Tombstone

Three Weeks in Tombstone is a combination of travel guide and historic reference on the town of Tombstone Arizona, whose very existence today centers on the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral having taken place there in 1881. Tombstone began life as a mining boomtown and in the book I discuss my personal theories on how it has managed to endure to this day and remain a part of the public consciousness while other mining towns withered and died.
The major part of Tombstone's history occurred during the post Civil War reconstruction period and the cemeteries there reflect the presence of individuals from both sides of the conflict. The book will be of interest to anyone planning to visit the area and to history buffs as well and anyone who enjoy reading about the Old Western era. The book is complemented with many old black and white historical photographs from the 19th century as well as contrasting present day photographs.

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