The Plumber and the Pianist: A Lesbian Romance

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The Plumber and the Pianist: A Lesbian Romance

The Plumber and the Pianist: A Lesbian Romance

by Judy Folger

Julie was well on her way to a Master's degree in psychology when her partner, Christina, dumped her without warning. Devastated, Julie spiraled downward. She dropped out of school and started doing maintenance work at a luxurious apartment complex operated by her parents. And she chased anything in a skirt. Never would another woman be able to hurt her like Christina had. Never.

Then Julie meets Lilly, a beautiful, delicate music professor, who is also nursing a broken heart. Their bodies sing together in bed, but outside of bed their relationship is full of misunderstandings and resentments. Can Lilly swallow her pride and allow herself to fall for "just" a plumber? And can Julie give up her womanizing ways and put her trust in love one more time?

Poignant, funny, and suspenseful, The Plumber and the Pianist is a fast-paced lesbian romance that points out everything that is wrong with love...and everything that is so, so right with it.

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Google Category: None

Pages: 121


Sales Rank: 413650

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