Susan's Choice: A Lesbian Romance

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Susan's Choice: A Lesbian Romance

Susan's Choice: A Lesbian Romance

by Judy Folger

For Susan, Christa was the one who got away. No, worse. Christa rejected Susan for another woman. Heartbroken, Susan left town to care for her dying mother.

Two years later, Susan is back, and one of the first people she sees is Christa. Christa is single again and wants to rekindle her relationship with Susan, but Susan isn't so eager. Why open herself up to being hurt again?

As if that dilemma isn't enough, Susan's daughter, Ellen, has become engaged to a violent, homophobic man who refuses to accept Susan's lifestyle.

Will Susan give Christa another chance? And how will she deal with a son-in-law who despises everything she stands for?

It's Susan's Choice...

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Google Category: None

Pages: 133


Sales Rank: 283143

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