Sexless? A Mature Lesbian Romance

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Sexless? A Mature Lesbian Romance

Sexless? A Mature Lesbian Romance

by Judy Folger

After Toni Gardner's husband died unexpectedly, Toni decided to retire from her job and move into an exclusive senior living community. Now, though, she is beginning to regret her hasty decision. She's bored and lonely...until the day when her next-door neighbor Elaine walks into her life.

Elaine has a warm heart, a great sense of humor...and Toni can't help noticing that she's also really cute. Toni wants to be friends with Elaine...maybe even more.

But getting close to Elaine isn't easy. Elaine still carries emotional and physical scars. She is even more deeply scarred by years of her ex-husband's emotional abuse. But perhaps worst of all, she believes she is too old to open herself to a new love.

Can Toni convince Elaine that they are meant to be together? Or will Elaine's self-doubt ruin their chances of finding love?

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Google Category: None

Pages: 126


Sales Rank: 1048207

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