Family Affairs: A Lesbian Romance

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Family Affairs: A Lesbian Romance

Family Affairs: A Lesbian Romance

by Judy Folger

Cody has been living with her partner, I.C. for over two years, but the sex between them has never been great. What little bit of interest there was languished after the first twelve months...right about the time I.C.'s brother, Louis, came into the picture.

Now, Cody spends her days filled with frustration and her nights dreaming of women who hopefully want her as much as she wants them. In spite of the urging of family and friends, she doesn't see ending her relationship or having an affair as an option. A child of an unhappy home life, she has seen firsthand the devastation left by broken promises.

Cody's situation becomes even more intolerable when she meets the lovely Summer, a new lesbian in town who is everything Cody has ever wanted in a woman and who seems interested in Cody, as well.

Then one day, Cody unexpectedly comes upon I.C. and Louis and sees Louis kissing I.C. in a way that no brother should kiss his sister. Shocked, stunned, and fearing that I.C. might be a victim of abuse, Cody confronts her...and hears a story more shocking and heart-breaking than anything that had ever happened to Cody during her own childhood.

Now it's up to Cody to pick up the broken pieces of her life with I.C. and to find a way to ensure that everyone's needs get met...including her own.

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 91


Sales Rank: 616466

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