Trouble In The Land: A Goldenfell Saga Novel (The Goldenfell Saga Book 2)

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by Laurie Cook

Trouble In The Land: A Goldenfell Saga Novel (The Goldenfell Saga Book 2)

It had been nearly eighty years since Thomaline and Brandt had made the long and dangerous journey to her homeland and Brandt had made enemies during that time. As these adversaries continue to cause turmoil within Thomaline’s kingdom, a new foe from outside the realm emerges, waiting for the opportunity to destroy the Elves of Goldenfell. The Ward; the shield that protected the land of the Elves from the outside world, was failing and the Xarlerii were waiting for the chance to invade. As Thomaline and Brandt search for answers and struggle to find ways to keep them all safe, the discovery of new abilities offer hope while allegiances are made with new allies and maybe even an old enemy. Together, the pair will lead the charge to save their world.

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

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Pages: 231


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