To The Grave (Submissive Heart Book 4)

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To The Grave (Submissive Heart Book 4)

To The Grave (Submissive Heart Book 4)

by Michelle Knight

The concluding part of the Submissive Heart series.

Death and taxes, they say, are the only certainties in life.

As Mark and L send their offspring in to education, it should be a time to relax, re-evaluate life and enjoy some much deserved together time. However, life continues to thwart their plans and throw new obstacles in their way.

Some chance encounters lead not only to the re-kindling old friendships but also to some very embarrassing situations. Mark struggles to keep the business running smoothly until he can hand the baton to his son, but despite his best planning, his efforts are undermined from unexpected quarters.

Will anyone find peace in this ever changing, tumultuous world that they live in?

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Genres: Erotica

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Pages: 173


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