Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1)

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by Joe Jackson

Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1)

A resurrected demon hunter. A growing underworld threat. Joining forces with the enemy is her only chance to stop the apocalypse from making a comeback.

After she died two centuries ago, draconic warrior Karian Vanador thought she’d earned her final rest. But when a new hellish threat stirs, the demon hunter is summoned from beyond the grave. Still in shock from her resurrection, she has no choice but to rely on a band of half-demon warriors as her traveling companions.

To survive their quest to a war-torn island, she must learn to trust her enemies-turned-allies. As she fights alongside people her Order once considered beyond redemption, she’s forced to take a hard look at the dark spots on her own embattled past. As the underworld menace grows stronger, Karian must find a way to unite her ragtag group of warriors before their wor;d plunges into its second straight apocalypse.

Salvation’s Dawn is the first book in the sprawling Eve of Redemption epic fantasy series. If you like intricate world-building, diverse casts of both non-human and human characters, and hard-hitting heroines, then you’ll love Joe Jackson’s homage to the works of Terry Brooks, RA Salvatore, and Raymond E. Feist.

Grab your copy and jump into the world of Citaria and this sprawling epic saga today!

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 448


ISBN(13): 9781310995781

Sales Rank: 64756

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