Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1)

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by Joe Jackson

Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1)

An adult epic fantasy for fans of Feist, Salvatore, Le Guin, and similar authors.

The Apocalypse was supposed to be the final war against the demons. Only a few days passed before a new evil surfaced. Now, rumors have begun to circulate of a civil war, one with a demonic taint beneath it that hints at an underworld invasion. It is a situation that demands investigation by one of the world’s greatest demonhunters.

Still reeling from her unprecedented resurrection and eight years of fighting, Karian Vanador is called upon to look into the threat. Why was the remote island of Tsalbrin chosen? And who – or what – is truly behind the unrest? Assigned to an unlikely group of young heroes, Kari must learn to rely on more than just her legendary prowess. She will need their strength to battle her internal demons, just as they need hers to battle their physical foes.

Together, they must unravel an underworld plot before Citaria is plunged into worldwide war…again.

Salvation's Dawn is the opening volume of the Eve of Redemption series. If you love epic fantasy in the vein of Terry Brooks, RA Salvatore, Raymond E. Feist, Ursula K Le Guin, and similar authors, you'll love the depth, complexity, and far-reaching worlds of this series.

Grab your copy and jump into the world of Citaria now!

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

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Pages: 448


ISBN(13): 9781310995781

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