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The Villas

Superheroes versus supervillains: the fight for ultimate power begins!

The Villas

by W.G.S.

Superheroes versus supervillains: the fight for ultimate power begins!

Elsie, a little girl with the powers of a goddess, is in the center of a struggle between a group of supervillains and a team of superheroes. Strongarm, the leader of chaos, must fight off his enemy Cubes to acquire the child and rule over their home city of Eisenstadt. But neither side is aware that outside forces are also conspiring to take Elsie for themselves.

With a shifting focus on many of the pertinent players, "The Villas" aims to question the gray area between good and evil, and the necessity to purposely blur the lines sometimes. Can there be any true heroes who remain pure in their quest for peace? Can evil really stay evil if it might require working with foes?

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Genres: Fantasy, Religious, Spirituality

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 723


Sales Rank: 2107852

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