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Jules (The Earth Trilogy Prequel)

Jules is a witch on a mission. To start a cross-species war.

Jules (The Earth Trilogy Prequel)

by Kaelia Stevens

Jules is a witch on a mission. To start a cross-species war.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Terrans are humans. There are plenty of creatures – some bipedal and some not – born on Terra but born free of humanity. These ‘non-human’ Terrans have lived successfully among the humans for longer than the humans have known, hiding behind fairy tales, myths, and legends.

The non-human community is so well-hidden, in fact, that certain pockets of them have become gathering places for visitors from other planets. Jules is one such alien.

A half-elf from another world, her family came to Earth a long time ago and disseminated into human culture. But now a threat has risen from below, another race of creatures that followed from their home world with destructive intent.

Jules believes in hitting back first, and thus begins implementing plans in order to fight back. Using all her gifts, Jules makes her way around the world to rile up allies and enemies alike in an attempt to cultivate a single event.


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Genres: Action, Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Dark, Fantasy, Myths, Paranormal, War, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 136


ISBN(10): 1519697090

Sales Rank: 1530993

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