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Operation Cosmic Teapot

Is God's Job in Jeopardy?

Operation Cosmic Teapot

by Dylan Callens

Is God's Job in Jeopardy?

Working as the CEO of Heaven Incorporated throws Nietzsche into one hell of an existential crisis and now he wants to fire God.

But the board of directors, a group of squabbling philosophers, prevent him from taking any action. Adding to Nietzsche’s problems, the Norse Gods find their way back to Earth – presumably to take over world religion. In an effort to regain control, Nietzsche sends a suspicious god to recover them. Moreover, syphilis pushes him into a past life that he would rather forget.

Operation Cosmic Teapot has been called “an ontological, existential, tripped out tempest in a cosmic teapot,” and “psycho satire,” and even, “cerebral and subversive — and a load of fun, too.” While that might be true, one thing is certain: this is religious satire in high gear.

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Humour, Literature

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Pages: 253


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