Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience

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by Serena Jade

Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience

Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience

by Serena Jade

TWO IMMORTAL SOULS RECOGNIZE ONE ANOTHER...One dreamed of becoming a famous jockey:the other became a famous jockey.Experience the unspoken bond of Hall of Fame Jockey Chris Antley and Serena Jade!
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WHAT IF YOU LITERALLY GLIMPSED HEAVEN IN THE EYES OF A HUMAN BEING? BE INSPIRIED THRU A PROFOUND TRUE SOUL MATE EXPERIENCE EVER RECORDED. TWO IMMORTAL SOULS PSYCHICALLY CONNECT...ONE DESIRES TO BE A FAMOUS JOCKEY; THE OTHER BECOMES A WELL-KNOWN RIDER OF RACEHORSES! EXPERIENCE THE UNSPOKEN BOND OF HALL OF FAME JOCKEY CHRIS ANTLEY AND SERENA JADE... Chris and Serena spend years crossing paths, completely mesmerized by one another. Is it coincidence or fate? It's not until 1999 -when Chris wins the Kentucky Derby, on a horse named Charismatic- that their extraordinary connection crystallizes. Is it their destiny to finally be together? FIND OUT IN THIS RIVETING, AMAZING, ORIGINAL TRUE STORY...

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Genres: Action, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Religious, Romance, Self Help, Spirituality, Sport, Travel

Google Category: None

Pages: 272


ISBN(10): 1478397691

ISBN(13): 9781478397694

Sales Rank: 4803800

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