Earth's Survivors: Collection Three. Outrunners.

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Earth's Survivors: Collection Three. Outrunners.

Apocalyptic Fiction

Earth's Survivors: Collection Three. Outrunners.

by Dell Sweet, Geo Dell, W. W. Watson, Wendell Sweet

Apocalyptic Fiction

Earth's Survivors: Collection Three, Outrunners is all the collected OutRunner books in one place. There were three books written that were then discarded and the story lines were written into the Earth's Survivors books instead.
This Collection follows the OutRunners as they assemble from L.A and N.Y., create the OutRunners and begin to run missions for the Nation. Those books are scattered throughout the other Earth's Survivors books, but in this collection the stories are told from the very start to the end of the last mission to wipe out the dead. There is also a never before published addition that tells the final story of Adam, the OutRunners leader, some thirty plus years into the future: If you are a fan of the OutRunners this is the book that tells the most complete tale...
L.A.: Billy and Beth came from the destruction in L.A. and traveled across the country to find Adam. Along the way they fought the dead and the living, nearly falling victim to both more than once. They make it to Manhattan only to find that it has fallen to the dead too.
Manhattan: Adam made his way out of the dying Manhattan, picking up a small crew as he went. At a makeshift camp in New Jersey, He, Billy and Beth meet and form the nucleus of the Outrunners. They fight their way across the country to the Nation.
Watertown N.Y.: Pearl made her way out of Watertown after escaping from project Bluechip where she had been held captive. She made her way to the Nation early on, becoming one of the builders of that society. She joined forces with Billy, Adam and Beth making the OutRunners a reality. Together they run supply missions for the Nation and fight the growing number of dead.
In this book Pearl's story is more fully told and many deleted scenes are added back to more fully tell the story of the OutRunners as a group. While many characters from the Earth's Survivors series are present in this story line, the focus is on the OutRunners, not the Nation.
This book was released in part in 2014 and had been intended to take the Earth's Survivors series in the direction the OutRunners were going, a faster paced action based narrative. With the advent of the Collection books, designed to tell stories in a larger format, I decided to have this re-written, edited, and reintroduced for those who wanted it back: While not a new book it is the only uninterrupted tale of the OutRunners...

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Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Post Apocalyptic

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Pages: 534


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