Whitmore Hills

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by P.S. Winn

Whitmore Hills

After being laid off from Portsmouth Hospital a year earlier, Natalie Treston was afraid she'd never find a job. Then, she got the letter saying to come to Whitmore Hills. For Natalie it was a dream come true. The psychiatric hospital was a high paying job that included an apartment and only a few patients to care for. It didn't take long before Natalie discovers the dream job is more like a nightmare. She is uncovering secrets that reveal more than nursing going on inside the closed doors. The doctors may be more psychotic than the patients and they have a hidden agenda.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Suspense

Google Category: None

Pages: 228


ISBN(10): 1530893461

Sales Rank: 2178801

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