The House That Wasn't There (The Christie McKinnon Adventures Book 2)

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by Colin Garrow

The House That Wasn't There (The Christie McKinnon Adventures Book 2)

There's a new trade in the city - one that deals in children.

On a cold November morning in 1890's Edinburgh, Christie McKinnon and her pal Donal discover a young boy is missing from home. And he's not the only one - someone is stealing children and taking them to a mysterious house on Deadman's Lane. With an eye on a good story, Christie sets out to investigate, but the house is not all it seems to be...

THE HOUSE THAT WASN'T THERE is book #2 in this historical adventure series.

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Genres: Childrens, Detective, Historical Fiction, Mystery

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Children's Books

Pages: 255


Sales Rank: 4202740

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