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Drums Of War (The Wasteland Soldier Book 3)

Action packed thrillers in a post-apocalyptic America. It is the age of the second world.

Drums Of War (The Wasteland Soldier Book 3)

by Laurence Moore

Action packed thrillers in a post-apocalyptic America. It is the age of the second world.

Centuries have passed since the world was scorched by the hell of nuclear war. A deadly future is now shaped by those willing to grab control. Action-packed thrillers inside a future America.

The Cloud Wars was the final war of the mythical Ancients. Cities of glass and steel melted, the sky burned and billions were consumed in the fires of the Metal Spears.

In the newly-formed state of Ennpithia nature has all but reversed the devastation. Survivors have advanced to a colonial level of society with law, economy, religion and education.

Stone is a feared drifter, bringing violent justice to a dangerous world. With his companion, Nuria, and the enigmatic Map Maker, they are determined to thrive in this promised land and put behind them the horrors of Tamnica.

But what they discover is a society tainted by secrets and mired in unrest, the fallout from a civil war ten years before. Pitted against sinister and ruthless adversaries, there will be more than their own lives at stake - for where there is Man there is always the ability for total annihilation.

And for Stone and Nuria the future will rest in the hands of an enemy they know only too well.

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Genres: Post Apocalyptic

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 595

ASIN: B018PVX868

ISBN(10): 1530620872

Sales Rank: 829462

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