Schism: An Anthology

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Schism: An Anthology

Emotional and Wrenching stories

Schism: An Anthology

by Lincoln Cole

Emotional and Wrenching stories

This anthology is filled with short stories from many different genres, including deleted scenes from other novels.

  • Schism - Malcolm takes on a job to make a little extra cash on the side, but the plan goes south in a hurry and he realizes he's been set up.
  • Power at All Costs - Things go haywire when an electricity plant turns on for the first time. Can Kate save thousands of lives and keep the catastrophe from spreading?
  • Life after Death - How can anyone make a decision about who gets to come and who stays behind...?
  • Help Line - A humorous look at just how easy it is to become a criminal in this technological age.
  • Desperate -
  • Superhero - We can't all be superheroes...
  • The Hitchhiker - Sometimes, sticking your thumb out can get you killed...
  • Chicken Wings? Really? - Adam has a rough day at work but knows better than to quit. The storm always passes, and life is good in this deleted scene from Ripples through Time.
  • Putting it Back Together - Jason is trying to get his life back on track, and in this deleted scene from Ripples Through Time he might actually manage to find love while he's at it.
  • In Flames - Payback can be deadly.

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Genres: Action, Contemporary Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Short Stories, Short Story Collection

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 130


Sales Rank: 1364356

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