Annabelle (PHP Shorts)

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by Nancy Christie

Annabelle (PHP Shorts)

As a child, Annabelle viewed her parents' marriage as a
magical relationship, one that she alternately envied and admired. Her artist father
focused solely on his art while his wife-model existed only for her husband.
And all the while, Annabelle stood on the outside of the charmed, inclusive
circle, watching and waiting.

Then the unthinkable happened--and Annabelle was unprepared
for the tragic outcome of having her deepest desire fulfilled.

Now a lonely young woman, she is plagued by guilt
and tormented by a desire to belong somewhere and to someone. It's a story about
love, longing and loss -- and the price each character pays for passion.

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Genres: Literature, Short Stories

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Literature

Pages: 28


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