Zukie's Alibi (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 5)

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by Cynthia E. Hurst

Zukie's Alibi (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 5)

Zukie Merlino finds it hard to settle back into her daily routine after the trip of a lifetime, so she’s pleased to receive an invitation to her high school reunion. Not only will it break the boredom, but also give her the chance to confront Sylvia, a woman she’s hated for years. Away from her cousin Lou’s disapproving eyes for once, Zukie is enjoying herself greatly at the reunion, right up to the point where Sylvia’s body is discovered. Zukie knows she’s not the guilty party – but the only way of clearing her name is to provide an alibi she doesn’t want to give.
‘Zukie’s Alibi’ is the fifth novel in the Zukie Merlino Mysteries series. Cynthia E. Hurst is also the author of the R&P Labs Mysteries series of novels and short stories.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Mystery

Google Category: None

Pages: 219


ISBN(13): 9781517182434

Sales Rank: 1953808

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