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Edgar Cayce On: Mankind and Atlantis

Edgar Cayce On: Mankind and Atlantis

by D.M. Hoover

Most people have heard of the lost continent of Atlantis. The Edgar Cayce readings tell us that the Egyptian civilization was changed inexorably by the migration of Atlanterans into their land. These influences included the Pyramids and similar constructions also seen in other parts of the world.

Edgar Cayce On: Mankind and Atlantis examines the writings of Plato and others then compares some of that information with the readings as given by Cayce. As 28% of the Cayce life-readings involved people who were told that they had a prior lifetime as an Atlantean we also look at them for any clues they may hold as to whether Atlantis really existed as a physical geographical location. Along the way we'll see how Cayce explains the early development of the soul-form into mankind and its association with early Atlantis.
I see Atlantis in the same way one might depict a ancient ancestor far removed yet still a fragment of their existence is contained in our genetic code. It is with the thought that our existance is somehow tied to Atlantis,in ways in which we don't fully comprehend, that I have chosen to explore this lingering question. I hope you enjoy the journey along with me.

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Genres: New Age, Post Apocalyptic

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