The Last Sentinel (Tales from the Andamans Book 1)

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by Charles K. Allan

The Last Sentinel (Tales from the Andamans Book 1)

From the deserts of Syria to the favelas of Brazil and the temples of India, an ancient evil is lurking. An evil that aims to alter the course of humanity...

Although just thirty miles from the bustling Indian city of Port Blair, North Sentinel Island is one of the remotest places on Earth. Inhabited by the Sentinelese, a Stone Age tribe that violently resists all outsiders, the island has never been explored.

Dr. Zakir Khan hopes to become the first to peacefully contact the Sentinelese. Unsurprisingly, his expedition, like all others, ends in failure. However, instead of being driven off by spears and arrows, Zakir is gunned down.

Admiral Vimal Chaudri of the Indian Navy is charged with leading the investigation. As he attempts to discover who - or what - is inhabiting the island, he will uncover shocking secrets. Secrets that may cost the admiral, and millions more, their lives.

A novelette.

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Genres: Action, Literature, Military Fiction, Paranormal, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Speculative Fiction, Thriller, Time Travel

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Pages: 49

ASIN: B00O471F9K

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