The Little Dog: A story of good and evil, and retribution. (A Red Grouse Tale)

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The Little Dog: A story of good and evil, and retribution. (A Red Grouse Tale)

The Red Grouse Tales

The Little Dog: A story of good and evil, and retribution. (A Red Grouse Tale)

by Leslie W P Garland

The Red Grouse Tales

The Little Dog - a story of good and evil, and retribution.

This tale is told by Bill, a retired forester, and takes the form of most of the stories in our lives, namely, that we have no idea that we are living a story until later when previous events suddenly seem to fall into place and make some kind of sense.

Bill recounts a week in his early working life when, paired with an older, unsavoury and unpopular colleague, they find a little dog sitting beside the forest haul-road way out in a remote part of the forest. What is the little dog doing there? As the week progresses Bill finds himself becoming emotionally attached to it while also becoming increasingly concerned about just who is his objectionable workmate, and when he notices that the little dog is no longer present at its usual spot his concerns heighten, as he cannot help but feel that his workmate has something to do with the dog's disappearance.

Although a troubled Bill has a conversation with his local priest and learns of the nature of sin and evil, he remains blind to that which is right in front of him. However the very next day events suddenly take an unexpected turn and the young naive Bill starts to learn some awful truths.

An adult fantasy story for those who like to think about what they are reading.

(Warning to sensitive readers; this tales does contain a tiny bit of bad language and references to sex)

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Genres: Christian, Contemporary Fiction, Dark, Different, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Religious, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: None

Pages: 93

ASIN: B011J1YI88

Sales Rank: 1172373

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