The Spectra United (The Spectra Books Book 2)

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by Christie Valentine Powell

The Spectra United (The Spectra Books Book 2)

Princess Keita Sage is trapped in the rival kingdom of Lectranis, which was ravaged in the same attack that tore her family apart. Only finding the true heir of Lectranis and bringing peace to the broken kingdom will allow her to return home.

One of the late king's children can claim the throne, but all seven have dispersed across the kingdom. Keita will have to rely on her companions: her little sister, who she would rather protect than depend on; her best friend, who won’t take orders from anyone; and an uncomfortably perceptive boy she was once required to marry. Gangs, lured by the bounties on any former royal, dog their journey. Restoring peace to Lectranis will require more than her unique abilities, but how can Keita give this distasteful foreign culture her whole heart?

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Childrens, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult (YA), Young Teen

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 350


ISBN(10): 1537168851

ISBN(13): 9781537168852

Sales Rank: 1543175

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