Affairs of Men's Hearts (Yellow Silk Dreams)

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Affairs of Men's Hearts (Yellow Silk Dreams)

man to man infatuations from wishful thinking romances to gay marriage

Affairs of Men's Hearts (Yellow Silk Dreams)

by Pablo Michaels

man to man infatuations from wishful thinking romances to gay marriage

Four stories linked by the thread of men striving to love other men. From the playful, anxious times of young men’s infatuations with high school buddies in Growing Up in My Hometown and Then and Now, to experimenting with other men who share the same fantasies of having sex with another man fueled by that strong testosterone driven urge to explore each other’s bodies intimately, as in The Slumber Party. Seeking a commitment is the common goal with each character in each story. In Pagan Knights of Cambria Nights, the main character strives to find that inner peace forging him ahead to build on the relationship he has with his long-term companion. The question always arises, “Will he always love me?”

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Literature, Memoir, Romance, Short Story Collection

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 91


Sales Rank: 2230539

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