Distant Origins: An Anki Legacies Adventure

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by S Shane Thomas

Distant Origins: An Anki Legacies Adventure

Humans reach Nibiru ready to colonize an empty world. Traces of an advanced society emerge while the colonists settle in. Now, the LARC1 colonists must fight to discover, and overcome, our Distant Origins.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if Captain Kirk could fight like a Clive Cussler character, Distant Origins will have you floored. Pulse pounding fights from cover to cover give you the thrill of stepping into a new world, full of dangerous beings.

Alex Lipitakis said,” Sumerian mythology was expanded to intergalactic proportions, taking in the origins of Atlantis, and ultimately of the human race. This was coupled to a multitude of diverse alien races, some with very human characteristics, and others very alien in their behaviour and outlook, each with their own special skills. Each of these new alien races is imaginatively described, and one of the highlights for me was meeting each new race and finding out what made them tick. Added into the mix were some epic battles and cool alien tech. I really want a Shugarra of my own! This was a great universe to be immersed in, and the way the alien mythology was slowly revealed, throughout the book kept me interested through. Overall this was an utterly exhilarating ride.”

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: None

Pages: 279


ISBN(10): 1522985670

Sales Rank: 522961

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