Rigel and Spica Stars of Fortune

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by D.M. Hoover

Rigel and Spica Stars of Fortune

Since ancient times, astrologers have viewed the presence of fixed stars as part of their natal and mundane chart analysis. Many astrologers shy away from their use because they choose to focus on the negative connotations of fixed stars. But with all things astrological, there is a flip side, and in the case of Rigel and Spica the beneficial effects usually outweigh any negatives and we see their significance manifested in material success.

As with all astrological symbols, under certain circumstances, have can have a darker side. Yet more often than not; the presence of these two particular stars tend to highlight positive traits in the native. Thus when the natal chart is predisposed towards this end, by and large they bring a favorable vibration which is beneficial in the material realm.

In an attempt to confirm the finding of the ancients we’ll examine the natal charts of a broad cross section of well-known recognizable personalities. They run the gamut from pop-stars, a Pope who many believe was poisoned, the soap opera life of a wealthy heiress, a Silicon Valley innovator accused of murder and many others.

My hope is that people will approach the subject with an open mind, and look at the evidence as presented. An essential part of astrology is personal observation and research is always key. Perhaps you will agree after considering the information presented that fixed stars can play a significant role in chart delineations. Having them as part of your toolbox can sometimes give you an answer where more popular methods may fail.

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