A Tropical Astrologers Take on Vedic Life Cycles

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by D.M. Hoover

A Tropical Astrologers Take on Vedic Life Cycles

Most enter life peacefully and unafraid, but we don’t all leave in the same manner. Some die young while others live to a ripe old age; some depart under less than ideal circumstances while others leave quietly in their sleep. With death there is always the question of when. Vedic Astrology suggests that there is a set time table from birth, and that the answer to when is found within the philosophy concerning the maraka.
In order to see just how the maraka works, I needed to first observe for myself the sidereal natal charts of different age groups. I examined those who died young, those who lived to middle life and those who died in old age and some who are still living well into their 100s. Only by observation and seeing a pattern emerge could I then understand that indeed, there is merit to their methodology and that it may well be a useful to investigate further.
For my study I chose natal charts of people whose names will be recognizable to most, the shameful murder of the entire McStay family for example. Wife and mother Summer McStay’s chart is featured in the book, also little Caylee Anthony whose mother was tried for her murder but was found not guilty.
Another featured person, close to my heart, was the American poet Sylvia Plath who committed suicide as did her son Nicolas many decades later. There are chart examinations for actor River Phoenix, rock and roll legends Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly all of whom died young.
For those who may be squeamish about the subject of death and dying, it’s probably best to pass on this book, however if you are a budding Tropical Astrologer who is curious about the workings of Vedic Sidereal astrology, then this book should be of interest to you.
Please understand that I do not pretend to have the necessary knowledge to teach Vedic astrology as acquiring that would necessitate a lifetime of study. However, this examination of one aspect of Vedic Astrology relating to the cycle of life and death, should give you an idea of just how all-encompassing Vedic can be and how further investigation might provide you with additional tools.

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