The Cold Wind of Spring

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The Cold Wind of Spring

The Cold Wind of Spring

by Tarra Hugh

Concordia, the land in Northern England where the sky is always clear and sunny, and the cold winds coming from high in the mountains bring the frozen blasts of a world which is about to wake up from its drowsiness under the empire of bloody intrigues and a searing passion.

The life of Sienna Hanson, the beautiful daughter of the Earl of Concordia takes an unexpected twist when, being the Earl's only heir, she's forced to marry an unknown man, obeying a tradition older than she can imagine. But Sienna is not the woman to accept what is imposed to her, and her desperate search for freedom will trigger a succession of events that will make her life and everything she knows crumble. Except from the passion for a man who could help her achieve the one thing she's ready to sacrifice everything for or condemn her forever.

Frank Darreth has spent the past years of his life helping those in need, hoping this way he can atone his sins, the only shadows of the past he believed to be left behind, but that Sienna's blue eyes will bring back with an overwhelming force. For the beautiful young woman is not nearly as cold as the land where she was born, and the passion she stirs in him will seize them both, bringing out the worse and the best in each one of them.

Sienna lost her freedom. Frank lost himself. But before they can find in each other what they are looking for, they must first confront an enemy stronger than their stubbornness could ever be.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance

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