Dead Reckoning: And Other Stories.

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Dead Reckoning: And Other Stories.

Science fiction with attitude!

Dead Reckoning: And Other Stories.

by David M. Kelly

Science fiction with attitude!

Looking for SF that’s intelligent, action-packed, and humorous? This collection of ten short stories features a cast of characters all in need of some serious therapy.

Hector discovers life after death ain’t easy when your shorts itch and your ass belongs to a whip-wielding giant.

And Murphy's fighting to keep the peace as his team of geeky scientists and a gung-ho lieutenant investigate a mysterious alien ship—all while dealing with his own case of Murphy’s Law.

First Contact is always complicated, especially when you have to call in cranky old relic, Casteneda, to bail you out.

Fresh off the battlefield, Matt Holbrook is also grappling with a perplexing new species, but all he wants is to make it home.

And Earl Duarte is in for some interesting pet therapy in How Much Is That Doggy? Discover Dead Reckoning And Other Stories. SF with attitude!

Stories include:

Dead Reckoning
How Much Is That Doggy?
Dust To Dust
Murphy's Law
Version Control
A Slight Imperfection
First Contact
He Who Controls
One For The Money.

Other Book Information

Genres: Action, Adventure, Futuristic, Mystery, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Short Stories, Short Story Collection, Speculative Fiction, Thriller, Time Travel

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 184

ASIN: B0106R3MW4

ISBN(10): 0993889050

ISBN(13): 9780993889073

Sales Rank: 1959148

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