Saxton: The Hunt & Uneasy Allies

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by Eric Lahti

Saxton: The Hunt & Uneasy Allies

Wilford Saxton is a man abandoned by his life. Everything he knew and trusted ended in a collapsed heap of rubble that used to be a secret base. He watched his former partner become a god. Wilford's body has changed. He doesn't bleed, his wounds heal almost immediately, and his gun talks to him.
This collection includes two complete stories: The Hunt and Uneasy Allies.
In The Hunt, Wilford finds himself in Cuba, New Mexico hunting Coco, the bogeyman of northern New Mexico. The last time Wilford met Coco things didn't go too well for Wilford. Now he walks into a bloodbath and wonders if someone may be controlling the bogeyman.
In Uneasy Allies a friend is killed and Wilford and his team are called to Albuquerque to figure out what happened. What they find will scare even the hunter, the bruja, and the seasoned cop.
This is part one of an ongoing series of novellas about Wilford Saxton and his mad quest for revenge.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Paranormal

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Pages: 124


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