The Huntresses' Game (Eve of Redemption Book 5)

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by Joe Jackson

The Huntresses' Game (Eve of Redemption Book 5)

As the web of deceit and lies widens, Karian Vanador must try to find allies - however unlikely - to combat the enemies of the Demonhunter Order, or at least set them against each other. Effectively forced into a visit to the volatile King Koursturaux S'Bakthra, Kari must try to match wits with a being over twelve thousand years old. Can she turn an enemy into an unwitting ally, without having the same done to her?

This is to say nothing of Kari's testing to become her deity's avatar. An age-old enemy comes back into Kari's life, forcing her to walk away from an ailing husband and young children to see to her god's wishes. Worse, she must leave behind friends and family as well to avoid having them used as tools against her. It seems a straightforward hunt, but as she uncovers more and more plots, it will be anything but...

What new allies will she find as she returns to the land of her birth, the nations where she was a legend, and can they stand against these ancient enemies?               The Huntresses' Game brings the Eve of Redemption series to a new level.  If you've enjoyed the works of Terry Brooks, Raymond E. Feist, RA Salvatore, Ursula K Le Guin, and similar authors, you'll love the Eve of Redemption series.
Grab your copy now and join Kari in a deadly game!

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Genres: Fantasy

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Pages: 332


ISBN(10): 1545511209

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