I Am Not Gog

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by Matthew James Hunt

I Am Not Gog

In 2005 there was a strange stand-off behind a small-town supermarket: a divorced ex-builder was held hostage at gunpoint by a crazy lady with a grudge. This is the story of what led her to take him captive and how she went on to attain her own freedom at a terrible cost.

Potty but heroic, Lydia tells us her tale of struggle, discovery, love, war, and redemption.

"Totally original. Great storytelling." "I was hooked..." "difficult to put down..." "very true to life..." "thoroughly enjoyable..." "develops into an unputdownable page-turner..." "beautifully poignant"

I Am Not Gog is a modern allegory of emancipation.

Comeuppance for downtreaders?

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Different, Literature

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Literature

Pages: 302

ASIN: B00U02W240

ISBN(10): 1549845683

Sales Rank: 3979850

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