The Fourth Evolution, Vol. 2: The Collected Works of D.L. Lang (2015-2016)

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by D.L. Lang

The Fourth Evolution, Vol. 2: The Collected Works of D.L. Lang (2015-2016)

I thought up the name The Fourth Evolution as I approached my thirties, but didn’t make a poem with that as the
title until a few years into my thirties. The poem appears in Look Ma! No Hands! which appears in volume one of
this series.
I prefer publishing paperbacks, as they are less likely to be pirated, but I am now offering these compilation as
ebooks because holding up a book is physically difficult for me, and I am likely not the only one who prefers
reading ebooks due to their accessibility factor.
If you like political poetry or have heard me perform in the past two years get Volume 2, because you’ll recognize
these. If you want to read my first four books containing a lot of childhood archives, get Volume 1.

Four books in one by poet D.L. Lang. Books featured within The Fourth Evolution series:

Volume One (1993-2015):

Tea & Sprockets, 2011
Abundant Sparks, 2013
Personal Archeology, 2013
Look Ma! No Hands!, 2015

Volume Two (2015-2017):

Poet Loiterer, 2016
Id Biscuits, 2016
Barefoot in the Sanctuary, 2016
Armor Against the Dawn, 2016

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